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Supporting bearings in metallurgical industry
Steel metallurgical industry working environment, high temperature, heavy load, the impact of large, long working time, our company provides high quality bearings, rolling mill bearings, bearing segment bearings, continuous casting machine, ladle turret bearings, CARB bearings, rolling mill bearings, slewing bearing, slewing bearing flange, rotary drive, ball column combination of slewing bearings, large split bearing trunnion of converter, ladle bearing, cold rolling mill, with the seal of four row tapered roller bearing light machine, high load bearing neck seal

Supporting bearings for construction machinery
Construction machinery has cranes, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, earthmoving machines, etc., the construction machinery work environment is bad, dust, heavy load, mechanical failures, long working hours.
I provide the rotary bearing, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, with large load capacity, high performance, long life and other advantages, can ensure the equipment running smoothly in harsh environments

Matching bearing for mine machinery
The working environment of mining machinery is poor, heavy dust, heavy load, big impact, and the bearings are easy to damage. I provide the cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, through strengthening the design and manufacture, can be applied to heavy load, the impact of large operating conditions, prolong service life...

Bearing for tunnel boring equipment
Shield tunneling machine, referred to as shield machine. Is a special engineering machinery of a tunnel boring, modern shield machine set light, machine, electricity, liquid, sensing, information technology, has the cutting soil excavation, transport soil ballast assembledtunnel lining measuring oriented correctivefunctions, its structure is very complicated, our main spindle used for shield machine heavy three row cylindrical roller slewing bearing. This device relates to geology, civil, mechanical, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, control, measurement and other subjects, but also to carry out the design and manufacture of tailored "according to different geological, requires high reliability. Shield tunneling machine has been widely used in the subway, railway, road, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects.

Bearings for machine tool equipment
YRT bearing | precision turntable bearing | crossed tapered roller bearing | machine tool equipment bearing

Robots, medical equipment, matched bearings
With the improvement of the quality of life, medical, environmental, rehabilitation and fitness equipment have become more and more widely. Our company has good performance of high precision turntable bearings, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, to ensure that the equipment noise is small, can run smoothly and steadily

Stacker reclaimer (bucket wheel machine) slewing bearing
Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is a modern industrial bulk material handling equipment, continuous, has been widely used in ports, docks, metallurgy, cement, steel mills, coking plant, coal reservoir, power plant and other bulk materials (ore, coal, coke, gravel) from storage yard heap operations.

Bearings for petroleum equipment

Bearings for new energy power generation equipment
The main bearing system wind generator pitch bearing, yaw bearing and installation in the gearbox of NU, NCF, NJ series of cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearing. The variable pitch bearing is used in the megawatt class wind turbine to connect the contour and the blade, and adjust the windward angle of the blade, so that the fan can generate power at the rated power in the changing wind direction and ensure its safe operation

Port crane supporting bearings
The crane supports the slewing bearing of the crane, slewing support of the gantry, slewing support of the slewing seat, slewing support of the ship crane

Supporting bearings for construction machinery
Supporting bearings for construction machinery, slewing rings for construction cranes
Construction machinery is the general term of mechanical equipment used in engineering construction and urban and rural construction. It is also called construction machinery and construction machinery in our country.
According to the standards of our country, construction machinery is divided into the following types:
(1) excavating machinery: including single bucket excavator, multi bucket excavator, backhoe loader.
(2) shovel handling machinery: bulldozer, scraper, tipping machine, etc..
(3) compacting machinery: including roller, compactor and so on.
(4) engineering hoisting machinery: including tower cranes, crawler cranes, construction lifts, etc..
(5) pile machine: including vibrating pile hammer, hydraulic hammer, pile driver, etc..
(6) pavement machinery: including asphalt spreader, asphalt concrete paver, etc..
(7) concrete machinery: concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, concrete pump, etc..
(8) concrete products machinery: including concrete block forming machine, hollow board extrusion molding machine and so on.
(9) steel and prestressed machinery: including reinforcement, reinforcement machinery, steel forming machinery, steel connecting machinery, steel, prestressed machinery, etc..
(10) decoration machinery: including mortar preparation and spraying machinery, paint spraying machinery, ground trimming machinery, decoration, hanging blue, hand-held mobile tools, etc.. (11) high-altitude operation machinery: including aerial work vehicle, aerial work platform, etc..