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Special steel

Product description:
In recent years, with the development of the construction industry and industry, their demand for steel increases rapidly, which makes the steel industry in our country develop rapidly. The most prominent is the development of special steel. This kind of special steel contains special chemical components and is made by special manufacturing process. It provides special function for special work. Special steel is a kind of product which seems very mysterious, but is widely used in practice. As a special kind of steel, it has superiority of other ordinary steel incomparable: its hardness is more hard, can withstand greater weight when in use, play a good supporting role; it also has a certain toughness, make the products in the face of great pressure can not be broken, this is very good chemical; its performance is very stable, even in the face of severe high temperature and high pressure environment, still can not be deformed, ensure its structure unchanged, improves the performance and security. At the end of last century China's steel development is slow, got rapid development in 2005, China's special steel and the definition of Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are relatively close, so special steel is divided into the following categories: high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, high alloy steel. These steels are more accurate and have more powerful functions, so they are used in every aspect of life. Dalian Reed bearing import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional trading company engaged in the production and sale of bearings. The main products are cylindrical roller bearings, special steel, special steel, alloy steel and so on.


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