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Full load thrust tapered roller bearing

Product description:
Full mounted thrust tapered roller bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads. They are of small cross section, reasonable bearing, and compact in structure. They are a very good bearing. With the use of a variety of processing equipment on the market, good bearing parts can add a lot of equipment, full load thrust cone roller bearings is a superior performance products. Full featured thrust tapered roller bearings are characterized as follows:
1, this product uses the shape of slender, round into the vertebral body roller design, this design can effectively guarantee the bearings in use without error, the bearing precision is higher, more accurate.
2, the full load thrust cone roller bearings by rolling and forging effect, than the casting effect is good, we use this method of products produced by the hardness, density, quality is more stable.
3, at the same time, it also has good rotary precision, can effectively reduce the friction between the bearing equipment, avoid damage to equipment.
4, full thrust tapered roller bearing is the use of high-quality steel finish out the parts, the quality is excellent, the hardness and wear experiment. Performance is very stable.
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满装推力圆锥滚子轴承  Full complement thrust tapered roller bearing

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